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Naomi Pilgrim

Swedish/Barbadian R&B soulstress.

Naomi Pilgrim was born in Sweden to a Barbadian father and Swedish mother, and has spent her life between the two countries, becoming heavily influenced by their diverse native sounds. Her songs marry exquisite Swedish pop and Caribbean reggae, alongside smooth R&B and hip hop, a sound which has garnered massive critical acclaim and established herself as one of Sweden’s most impressive crossover artists.
Signing to leading Scandinavian label Cosmos Music in 2014, she has released two EPs (her 2014 self-titled debut and 2016’s Sink Like A Stone), the latter of which also explored topics of equality, with the title track taking inspiration from African-American Eric Garner’s death in New York in 2014. Naomi says, “Eric Garner died because of the colour of his skin. And despite the fact that structural racism permeates society to a point where it leads to this kind of modern-day lynching, many of us choose to ignore it.”
Naomi has released her brand new single, a reworking of The Specials’ 1983 single, ‘Racist Friend’, out through Cosmos Music. An all female, international hip-hop cast, comprising the rappers Sa-Roc (US) and Yugen Blakrok (South Africa), reinforce her stirring take on the song. 

Having grown up in seemingly disparate landscapes, both suffering from their own kind of discrimination and prejudice, it’s Naomi Pilgrim’s upbringing that witnesses her return with this inspired and powerful rework.