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There’s a colourful change on the horizon for Scandinavia’s usually polished musical exports. A liberating musical playground to the ex-front man of Swedish soft-rock act Fibes, Oh Fibes!, OLSSON began as simple folder titled ‘Solo’ on his laptop. Now, it stands for an unprecedented crossbreed of musical flavors from across the generations and continents.

An orgy of house pianos, Madchester beats, untamed instrumental work and tarnished soul hallmarks, the striking colours of his brash visual profile resonate consistently through his impending debut LP and welcoming first run of material from the unconventional and nostalgically tuned indie pop project.  “I wanted to capture the feeling you had when you listened to music for the first time when you were a teenager,” he explains. “It was all new, playful and you were never sure what the fuck would happen next. Music is the ultimate playground. You can´t control it.” Drawing on influences of his time in Sweden, New York and London, OLSSON might just be the most globally palatable celebration of the aforementioned nation’s heyday musical exploits to date.

In its infancy, the project has served true on its statement of intent, with debut EP Hold On set the bar for this colourful musical renaissance considerably high in 2016. Calling on contemporary R&B songstress MAPEI for modern battle song ‘Hold On,’ the contrast of the track’s jilted grooves, sustained vocal work and nostalgic edge turned heads across the continents, with Brazilian drum & bass kingpin DJ Marky dropping an official remix along the way. Kick-starting 2017 with ‘One In A Million,” the unpretentious nostalgia of OLSSON’s inaugural run was echoed with a splash of European club stamina, still honouring the rich instrumentation that gave his solo debut such a timeless edge. Pushing the envelope whilst remaining inherently “on-brand” to the OLSSON sound, this accomplished first single garnered remix duties from both Trevor Jackson’s coveted Playgroup moniker and Zomby, setting the global appetite for his debut album at an all-time-high in the process.

Serving as an outright landmark to the project for 2017, debut LP MILLIONS marks by far the most coherent and polished insight into what OLSSON is bringing to the table. Scoring influences from the European rave scene, the heyday Manchester’s booming club circuit and the resonating depth of gospel choirs, the LP calls on collaborators as vast as Dot Allison, Petter Winnberg (Amason), Daniel-Adams Ray, Tiggs Da Author, Mabel McVey, Christoffer Berg (Depeche Mode, the Knife, Fever Ray) and Mapei along the way, emphasizing the boundaries creativity and international focus that the project is bringing to the table. Not only does OLSSON’s debut LP sound like a finely tuned renaissance of 90s upfront pop nostalgia, but it looks the part too. Calling on Designers Republic, the creative muses behind such legendary UK collectives as Warp Records, Aphex and Pulp, OLSSON’s stunning visual profile fits seamlessly with the jilted soul and alternative pop prowess that ultimately inspired and influences the sound heard throughout MILLIONS.

As well as living via its promising streaming potential and through the sale of brightly covered vinyl sleeves, the project can also be experienced as a high-octane live experience. Described by OLSSON himself as “a pure bright chaotic Swedish collective,” the 5-piece band that now accompanies the live facet of OLSSON points to the huge global potential now facing the project. Intoxicating and accessible without playing into the lowest common denominator, there’s an experimental edge to the Swedish pop legacy that OLSSON is challenging on possible every level.