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However it’s with their debut single ‘Me & My Broken Heart’ that they’re set to explode. Set for release this summer via Polydor Records (UK) / Interscope (US), and already a massive Top 25 airplay hit in America, the song is an undeniable pop smash.

‘Me & My Broken Heart’ is accompanied by an epic, six-minute video in which the band star as unwitting stooges in a sting-gone-wrong full of motorbikes, girls, cops, poker and double-crosses. You can watch the full-length version here.

Rixton are lead singer/guitarist Jake Roche, guitarist Charley Bagnall, bassist/keyboardist Danny Wilkin, and drummer Lewi Morgan. The group’s origins lie in Jake’s decision, at age 16, to drop out of school and pursue his ambition of dedicating his life to making music. He teamed up with Danny (who had recently quit university for the same reason) and the two began playing covers in pubs around Manchester spending every spare moment songwriting together, even living in a caravan in Danny’s parents’ garden to make ends meet as they refined their craft.

Three years later, Jake and Danny crossed paths with Essex-born Charley and quickly recruited him as their lead guitarist before chancing upon Lewi and asking him to join as their drummer.

“We knew what we wanted—huge pop songs with soul,” says Jake of the band’s vision for the sound and vibe of Rixton. “We are all big fans of R&B, from the oldies right up to Usher. R&B is what we have in common. That and the fact that we all sing, so every song had to have harmonies. We also all love the kind of pop that Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars do, so that inspired us too.”

And it’s that soulful blend of harmony-soaked pop music that caught the ear of manager Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, PSY, Ariana Grande), when he chanced upon the cover versions they had been posting online. Flying to the UK just 24 hours later he signed them up on the spot and got them a deal with Universal, in a whirlwind, dream-come-true few weeks that catapulted Rixton into the big league of songwriting collaborations and touring America.

And now, with their debut single giving the first taste of their pure pop brilliance and setting America alight, Rixton are poised to explode in their homeland too. Ahead of the release of ‘Me & My Broken Heart’ this summer, the band will be playing two shows in April in Manchester and London which have already sold out due to their ever-expanding British fanbase.

With a string of festival appearances across the UK this summer, a slew of incredible pop hits to be unleashed and a nice line in banter, Rixton are the guitar-pop band that it’s OK to like; a grown-up, witty bunch of musicians and songwriters unafraid to blast out the funkiest, sexiest pop songs and ready to strap themselves onto the rock’n’roll rollercoaster.

‘Me & My Broken Heart’ is released this summer. To pre-order it click here

And to watch an acoustic performance of the track click here

Rixton’s debut album, co-written and produced by Benny Blanco, hitmaker extraordinaire, will be out in the autumn.

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