Lie to me artwork

Screeching out of the blocks in a video of late-night colour and road-rage drama, ‘Lie To Me’ sees Elle Exxe leather-clad and behind the wheel as she muscles her way through this huge pop belter, coming on like a female Ryan Gosling in Drive.

Working the haughty grandeur of Madonna, the electro-pop of Lady Gaga and the street-wise charm of Chari XCX, Elle Exxe bridges the gap between bright pop sparkle and sneering rock swagger.

She arrives kicking and screaming with an upbeat groove that blasts standard pop out of the water with a dark, funky and colourful alternative. A super-hot star with a striking sound and glamorous unpredictability, Elle Exxe is about to make the pop landscape of 2015 into a very exciting place to be.

Taking pop norms by the horns and getting them drunk on super sexy sass and attitude, ‘Lie To Me’ is only the first spark in Elle Exxe’s arsenal, but one that’s strong enough to start a fire.

Elle Exxe will be celebrating the release of ‘Lie To Me’ with her headline single launch show at The Islington, London on April 2nd