‘Under Attack’ is a bright pop anthem incorporating playful electronics and huge euphoric choruses, and follows the release of JIM’s debut single ‘On and On’ earlier this year.

Written in Rome with Daniele Autore and Mugisho Nhonzi JIM explains, “It started with the chorus. I always try to write anthemic, larger-than-life choruses. It's a pretty intense way of working, but it's a part of my identity as a songwriter. I wasn't looking to tell a specific story but I wanted the song to be dark and epic. I keep seeing pictures of outer space in my mind, whenever I'm listening to the song, or playing it with my band. Musically, I think it’s both sentimental and uplifting, combining all the elements I think is needed in a big pop tune... 80s synths, punk rock guitars and gang vocals.”

‘Under Attack’ is a high octane anthem which is set to send JIM into the pop stratosphere.