An existential exploration through surrealist psych susceptibilities, sonic elements combine to create a celestial dream-state amongst blistering industrial noise-punk soundscapes. Prepare for an onslaught to all stereo systems.

The duo entitled Black Futures have the mechanisms between them to create interplanetary anthems, reminiscent of Death From Above 1979, Nine Inch Nails and The Chemical Brothers, yet resplendent with cosmic radiation of a brand new species.

Their debut single ‘Karma Ya Dig!?’ sent seismic shockwaves through the atmosphere, and the following singles ‘Love’ and ‘Riches’ have earned them the acclaim of Radio 1, Apple Music, BBC Music and many others.

Causing the listener sensory elevation, Black Futures are raw, riotous and ready to detonate. Strap in tight, the journey has only just begun.