The past few years have been a whirlwind for Aplin whose career took off when she built a massive fanbase by posting videos of herself singing online back in 2012. Aplin went on to release her debut album English Rain in 2013 which spawned her iconic cover of ‘The Power Of Love’ which reached #1 in the UK. With a slew of further top 10 hits including ‘Please Don’t Say You Love Me’ ‘Home’ ‘Salvation’ and ‘Panic Cord’. English Rain is now certified GOLD in the UK.

18 months of international touring followed, where Aplin racked up a further three #1s worldwide. Playing shows and going on tour all over the world had an impact on Gabrielle and fed into her sophomore album ‘Light Up The Dark’  (2015) which displayed a maturing in Aplin’s sound with the anthemic and ambitious singles like ‘Sweet Nothing’ and title track ‘Light Up The Dark’.

With a seemingly relentless work ethic and creative output, Aplin released her ‘Miss You’ EP on her own label Never Fade Records in late 2016. A video of Aplin singing leaf track “Miss You’ racked up a whopping 5 million views on Facebook and the Miss You EP has so far racked up an impressive 40 million streams.

2017 year saw the release of her acclaimed EP ‘Avalon’, which featured the singles ‘Waking Up Slow’ and ‘Say Nothing’. It presented a reborn Gabrielle Aplin, embracing a whole host of styles from the familiar to the excitingly new, delighting her existing fans and winning her millions of new ones across the globe.

Towards the end of 2018 she started to tease new music, unveiling the gorgeous ‘My Mistake’ and then the beautiful ‘Nothing Really Matters’ in 2019. The singles mark an exciting new chapter for Gabrielle Aplin as she is set to release her brand new album next year, which features some of her most personal lyrical moments alongside a breadth of music and influences not yet heard from her before.