He started the instrumental band SAKEROCK in 2000, officially kickstarting his professional career as a musician. After leaving the group, Gen would later debut as a solo artist in 2010.

In 2018, he released his 5th album, “POP VIRUS,” a commercial success with sales of around 600,000 copies and downloads. The album paved the way for Gen to hold an incredible nationwide tour across Japan, boasting nearly 330,000 attendees.

While the music that Gen produces is influenced from music around the world, it does not merely imitate or copy them. Instead, he incorporates influences unique to his Japanese upbringing, allowing him to create brand-new, cutting-edge sounds and music that continue to shake up the Japanese music scene.

Both in name and reality, Gen Hoshino is set to be one of Japan’s top era-defining artists and a star to look out for for years to come.