Dsc 0444

I spent a lot of my 20s trying to not let personal flaws seep into my art which- in my mind- would turn the work into an unfit subspecies of what could have been if I had only found the “right” pieces. I was wrong- call it self-doubt or fear. But, the understanding I have come to is if I try to fill in every area I am deficient in, I leave no room for originality. 

It was a near-suffocating journey going from realising, to actively pouring my whole self- flaws and all- into the music to discover that unifying factor, that unique feeling, that vibrance that makes a song turn into medicine.  I needed that medicine. Up until the pandemic ground everything to halt, I was working 70 hours a week and was grasping onto a straw version of my creative self.  Oddly enough, this gave me a way out: an opportunity to revitalise. The final touches came together. My overall vision came into focus.

These songs preserved me while I was lost in a cycle of excessive work and distraction. They are the foundation that existed when I finally came back.  Now, they are the representation of who I am: each one is grounded- they never feel unfamiliar. But, they reach up to an ethereal- almost larger than life- soundscape, giving the active listener plenty to explore.  The lyrics touch on everything from depression to breaking out of a life that you were never meant for. 

I call this EP Petrichor.  It refers to the smell of earth after rain breaks a long drought.