Kate Havnevik

Kate Havnevik is a Norwegian experimental artist, composer, producer and musician.

She first rose to prominence with her critically acclaimed self-released debut album MELANKTON in 2006, which also proved a hit in film and TV, including having 10 songs featured in Grey’s Anatomy – a record for any artist – and following the pandemic has seen new fans consistently engaging with Kate’s back catalogue achieving multi-million streams.

Kate is a proudly independent artist and self-released her following albums including You in 2012 and &I in 2015. Kate’s last album Mariana’s World in 2020 also formed the soundtrack for the Norwegian film Alle Utlendinger Har Lukka Gardiner.

As well as her continued work with Guy Sigsworth, Kate has also collaborated with the likes of Röyksopp, DJ Carmen Rizzo, Schiller and prominent producers such as Marius De Vries (Björk, PJ Harvey, Bebel Gilberto), Paul Statham (Dido, Kylie Minogue), Paul Hogan (The Cranberries).

Kate Havnevik is bursting with creativity that holds no bounds and the forthcoming album is a beautiful body of work pulling from the outer reaches of the electronic sphere, centralised under a fascinating pop scope and proving to be her most mesmerising album yet.