Luana kiara2

The release comes as Luana has been revealed as the face of the New Balance International Women’s Day campaign in Scandinavia. ‘Trigger’ sees Luana tear out of the blocks with her sharp lyrical tongue and sassy attitude as she addresses life’s daily struggles within the dark R&B roller. The song has been created alongside the platinum selling and Grammy-nominated producers Christian Nilsson and Mårten Fohlin.

As the face of the New Balance Scandinavia International Women’s Day campaign, Luana has been speaking about her background and the importance for women to stand up for themselves in the moving film. It also gives a sneak preview of the forthcoming ‘Trigger’ video due to follow shortly. ‘Trigger’ follows Luana’s collaboration with the Scandinavian production and DJ duo Tungevaag & Raaban, where she was a featured vocalist on their smash hit ‘Bad Boy’, which was released last year and has clocked up over 12 million streams on Spotify alone.

Now stepping to the forefront with her debut single ‘Trigger’, Luana Kiara is proving herself to already be an important name on the Swedish music scene. She is a strong female figurehead and set to take the world by storm.