Luxlyall teeth02

Her debut single ‘Teeth’ was released in July 2019, with artwork based on a 1963 press shot of Tippi Hedren from her debut movie The Birds. The accompanying video is set in a classic black and white noir setting, using tasteful flashes of colour to add depth to both the visuals and the music.

“The song’s about the emotional struggle of mental illness” says Lux. “It’s about being cold, sarcastic and defiant towards those who love you, and then desperate & full of self-hate when you realise there’s no-one left to kick down the bathroom door when you need them. It’s about surviving your own madness & surviving yourself.”

Her new single ‘Switchblade Baby’, released on Sep 5, is directly inspired by Lux’s friends from around the world who provide constant inspiration, motivation and sanity. The track is a luscious and enticing affair, layered with elegant and alluring instrumentation that waltzes beneath Lux’s emotive and sultry voice.

“As I was writing the song, the ‘Switchblade Baby’ character kinda evolved into this patron saint of broken women who aren’t ready to throw in the towel,” explains Lux. “They’re smart as a whip and take no shit - Just gimme a minute to slap on some lipstick, take a sip of my drink and remember who I am. I’ll be just fine.”

The B-sides to ‘Teeth’ (‘Among the Water, Among the Weeds’) and ‘Switchblade Baby’ (Milk Thistles) are both spoken-word songs featuring poems taken from Lux’s first collection of poems ‘St Valentine’, published early 2019. With more poetry in the works and an album on the way, she’s making all the right waves in her young career and is setting herself up for a bright future.