E 046

The campaign will begin with the release of his single ‘myself’ accompanied by a video starring The Office’s Big Keith. ‘myself’ tells the story of someone struggling with alcoholism and coming to terms with the need for change. Produced by Swindons very own acid house DJ, Chaney, partnered with Eddie’s distinct and unique brand of lyric, the songs hard hitting subject matter becomes a welcoming invitation to waken the listeners imagination.

Specifically ‘mate’ was the name of a champion pigeon raced by Eddie’s Great Grandad and in a desperate attempt for Eddie to stop getting told off by his Nan for certain lyrics, he saw fit to hide behind a pseudonym therefore dismissing any personal responsibility from what might come out of mate’s mouth.

After the band, Eddie took solace living on a small canal boat on the London Thames, which is where he started to cook up a wave of new ideas inspired by his reflections and observations of life. Priding himself as one of the UK’s most exciting lyricists, his new project is tasked specifically on showcasing his spoken word, observing the sociopolitical climate of our times.

Being from Waltham Forest his work has been heavily featured by the borough amongst their celebrations upon becoming the first ever borough of culture. With no shortage of things to say, this confident social commentator is excited to present to the world - ‘mate’.