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The band took the US by storm with their single ‘White Lightning‘ and appeared on ABC’s hit drama ‘Nashville’ as well as having their music featured on ‘CSI Miami’, ‘Vampire Diaries’ and ‘Hart Of Dixie’.

With a raw sound like no other, the buzz-worthy band organically builds around Neil Mason’s thundering, melodic percussion and the sinewy inter-play of Jaren Johnston’s gruff vocals and guitars with Kelby Ray’s lap steel and bass, all ready to explode at a moment’s notice.

“There hasn’t been a headlining show that we’ve played in the U.K. that hasn’t sold out. We’ve been over there five times in the last 13 months,” singer Jaren Johnston told Rolling Stone magazine recently, noting that their overseas fans view them more as a rock band. “There’s no country market or country radio really. It’s Americana or rock or pop. ‘Party Like You,’ our most down-the-middle country song, is the Number One most-played song on Planet Rock, because they don’t have any of that.”