The two romans promo 1

The Two Romans – An international band from Italy, Germany and Switzerland released their debut album Everything.Now! in April 2020 reaching 4th place in the Swiss album charts and gaining airplay from over 50 radios in Germany and Switzerland. The hit single “Sky’s On Fire” reached over 1’600 airplays in the first 3 months and almost entered the top 50 airplay charts (#53).

In terms of music, the band is guided by role models such as ‘Gang of Youths’ or ‘Nothing but Thieves’. In doing so, they always pursue an independent and recognizable style nonetheless. The modern guitar sounds paired with catchy melodies invite to sing and dance along. Anyone who enjoys modern and radio rock will be delighted with the twelve brand new tracks. The polyphonic singing of the charismatic brothers and front singers Sam and Matt from Rome is particularly convincing.

Since the formation of The Two Romans in 2015, more than 150 live shows and festivals all over Europe have taken place – including the Gurten Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival, Taubertal Festival and many more. Playing a Europe tour as support act in 2017 and a headline tour through Germany in 2018 were the ultimate addition to this incredible journey. Moreover, the band released their three self-produced EPs Waves | Forest | Sun in annual cycles. For their debut “Everything.Now!” they collaborated with Julian Emery and Adrian Breakspear – Grammy nominated and ARIA Award winner. The second single “We’ll Be Young” will soon hit the radios and is already on hot rotation on SRF3, the Nr. 1 Swiss radio.

Yet when it comes to the ideas and values behind The Two Romans rather than their music, what do they stand for? Whenever their name or the capital of Italy is being mentioned, the well-worn saying “All roads lead to Rome“ often comes up. Well, let’s stick with this figure of speech for a moment:
What does the statement actually mean for someone who originates from Rome himself? Where do the paths leading into the eternal city carry a Roman himself to? That is simple. One starts walking – in the opposite direction and approaches other people who are on their very own section of their way.

The Two Romans are doing just that: They are walking against the tide, being a little different, going beyond the mark, looking for encounters, meeting strangers, traveling the world and sharing the journey like a family. Many foreign encounters are spontaneous, moments often last a short time, conversations after the concert are tight. But all these contacts, impressions and exchanges with others ultimately create an overall picture like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle: A collection of memories.