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Amy Montgomery

Amy Montgomery releases her debut EP 'Intangible'

Irish singer-songwriter Amy Montgomery has today released her eagerly anticipated debut EP Intangible, available now both digitally and Cd via 7Hz Music (ADA).

Intangible is a shimmering collection of Nineties-influenced alternative rock with squalls of Smashing Pumpkin-esque guitar feedback, fluttering keyboards and – like most of Montgomery’s work – a showcase of lyrical power. It includes all her recent singles, which have been accompanied by a string of thought-provoking, self-directed and original videos.

Jupiter 4 (live)
Old Photographs (live, Belfast 2020)

These songs represent a young artist who won’t shy away from her inner feelings, one who has had to deal with the tragic pain of her mother’s suicide, burdening her with memories and experiences that are deeply complex, life changing and profound.

“These songs still have a lot of pain,” she says, “but they’re lighter. I actually feel like I’ve let go of a lot of things in the past year, and that’s had a big influence on my writing.”

“I want to tell people that it’s OK to feel a certain way,” she added. “You might feel happy one day, then the next day you might feel like shit, and that’s alright. We need more songwriters doing that, addressing mental health. It is getting better, but I think depression is still quite a taboo subject, especially in music.”

Amy Montgomery hails from County Antrim, Northern Ireland and the first thing you notice, apart from her outlandish bohemian looks, is her raw and beautiful voice, honed from relentless busking across her native Emerald Isle.

“The Irish singer/songwriter is a worldly, enigmatic head on 21-year-old shoulders
Classic Rock

Already a musical force of nature, performing with great intensity on both guitar and keyboards, it’s her powerful vocal that has captured attention in big ways, drawing immediate comparisons to Janis Joplin, Sia and Alanis Morrisette but with a very modern attitude. A voice with exceptional tone but with an individuality all of its own.

She has proved a mesmerising hit on the festival circuit last summer after a slew of stunning debut performances at eighteen UK & European summer festivals including Glastonbury, Cambridge Folk, Electric Picnic and Black Deer. She has also become a hotly-tipped artist in Australia where her tour last year led to rave reviews in the Australian media as well as recent daytime playlist additions to the national JJ radio station.

On what seems like an unstoppable trajectory, one thing is certain, Amy Montgomery is not going to compromise her art for anyone. She is a truly unique artist who is setting out with purpose, and a clear vision for how she wishes to present her music.

With a slavish attention to detail, Amy insisted on personally numbering and signing every one of the first five hundred EP’s now available on her store Available Here.

She works tirelessly behind the scenes designing her own performance costumes, painting on canvass, sketching storyboards for her videos and pouring her every sinew into her complete creative process. The Intangible EP represents the start of a magical journey for this most talented new artist.

“As soon as I pressed play on Amy Montgomery, I was hooked by both the lyrical content and the powerhouse set of pipes that delivered them. Does she have it? Yes, a million times yes”
ZO Magazine

Amy ep pack shot