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Astræa releases brand new EP 'Looking Up'

Multi-million streamed singer, songwriter and producer Astræa has released her stunning new EP Looking Up, available to listen to here.

Speaking on the new EP, Astræa says, The ‘Looking Up’ EP is a journey of moving through the dark and stepping into the light. It’s about embracing the future while being proud of how the scars of yesterday have shaped who we are and what path we are on today. This collection of songs was produced by me from my home studio over the various lockdowns of last year and I’m so excited for them to take flight.”

The release of the new EP unveils its fourth and final track, ‘Take Me Away’, an uplifting ode to liberation. Swathes of shimmering keys, lush strings and lofi beats flutter behind Astræa’s delicate vocal melodies, creating a dark yet welcoming landscape for her story of discovery to journey into.

“’Take Me Away’ is a tale of longing for freedom, escapism, and light after being locked away for so long,” Astræa explains. “It was inspired by the short story ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ as well as my own experiences of isolation. I come from a classically trained background and love to create massive orchestral and cinematic soundscapes. I’m also really into trip hop artists like Portishead, Massive Attack and Lamb, so the production became an intermesh of these two loves of mine.”

The Looking Up EP features the wonderfully retro ‘Stranger’, which was accompanied by a brilliant vintage-styled music video and a stripped-back live performance filmed from Astræa’s own living room. It also includes the raw and emotional single ‘Scars’, a beautiful and vulnerable track that was accompanied by a captivating live performance video filmed at London’s Craxton Studios, and EP’s title track, a gorgeous and elating reminder that better days are just around the corner. The title track was accompanied by a music video filmed along the scenic Scottish coast and a stunning live performance video.

Astræa will be making her return to the stage next week, performing a very special headline show at Servants Jazz Quarters in Dalston, London. Taking place on October 14th, the gig is her first live performance since 2019 and will serve as her first opportunity to perform material from the new EP to a live audience. Tickets for the gig, which is almost sold out, are available here.


  1. Stranger
  2. Take Me Away
  3. Scars
  4. Looking Up
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