2015 shot 3

Teaming up once again with Labrinth – whose hands on the production of 2013’s silver-selling single ‘R U Crazy’ saw Conor receive his fifth Top 10 single – ‘Royalty’ turns pop music on its head. Jazz trumpets, sawing strings and percussive piano blend seamlessly with futuristic electronic R&B, taking a retro sound and reimagining it for the present day.

On working with Labrinth and ‘Royalty’ Conor Maynard says, “He knew exactly what he wanted to create, in such detail that it took us three hours to record the first verse. I had to sing in a swing/jazz style, which I never imagined I’d even attempt. ‘Royalty’ really does sound like nothing else out there, which is such a rare quality in pop.”

The ‘Royalty’ video is a cabaret fit for a king; a suited-and-booted Conor Maynard leading his dashing band through a late-night set surrounded by beautiful women. Following straight on from the house-stylings of his recent track ‘Talking About’, this bold new sound is another example of the exciting new directions Conor is taking on his highly anticipated second album.