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Blending bright pop sensibilities with driving grunge riffs, the single is a dashing return from the band, comprising of Years & Years’ Emre Turkmen and drummer Dylan Bell. The pair have also shared the video for the track, an entertaining performance piece which explodes into animated chaos with the track’s climactic choruses, and premiered with NME yesterday. 

“Handcart is quite an old song, written on our US tour a few years back,” explains Emre. “It’s the only song I’ve ever written on a bass guitar and was built around the stuttering riff. I was trying to be Kim Deal. It was later recorded in London in a day. We believe in recording everything quickly. Life is short.”

Speaking to NME about the track, Emre said: “I was feeling tired, probably hungover and missing home. Trump was getting elected, Brexit was happening, Instagram was picking up steam and it felt like all these things were connected. The video was made by Jim Friend, who is... our friend. We had a discussion about the song and Jim interpreted our thoughts onto the screen.”

“We all got together and wanted to make something really weird, about people in control, disorder, things deteriorating - entropy essentially,” adds Dylan. “We also wanted to bring in some 90’s nostalgia with nods to Blur’s Song 2 video, Elastica and Smashing Pumpkins. We wanted to start in the real world and then descend further into some trippy chaos.”

Exit Kid was originally conceived in a hotel room at the Albuquerque Holiday Inn after an acute and protracted period of heartache. Emre bought an $80 guitar and poured his soul into songs in the back of the tour bus, in dark backstage corridors and hotel rooms as he toured across the USA and Europe.

Once he returned to the UK, he partnered with former Years & Years touring drummer Dylan Bell to bring Exit Kid to life. ‘Hell In A Handcart’ is Exit Kid’s follow-up to the release of their debut, eponymous EP in 2017, which featured the critically acclaimed single ‘It’s Cool’.

Tickets for their London headline show on April 7th are available now, with more exciting news to be announced very soon.