Fantastic negrito photo credit lyle owerko hi res 300 dpi


Watch his performances on the show:
The Duffler’, ‘Plastic Hamburgers’, ‘A Cold November Street’ and ‘Dark Windows’.

The tracks are taken from his latest album, Please Don’t Be Dead, which was released in June to widespread critical acclaim.

“…carefully crafted to provoke some much needed conversations” – Wire

“…something of a spiritual philosopher… Fantastic Negrito scares the shit out of the establishment” - Huck

“Addressing subjects from addiction and gun crime to censorship and obscene over-consumption, the anger is righteous but leavened with the hope of change.” – Uncut

“…burrowing into Delta blues, weaving in elements of Leadbelly, Prince-style funk and hip hop loops. You could call the tone political, but it’s just a cry for calm in a world of addiction, guns, corrupt police…” – Mojo

“Prince aside, there are no other comparisons for Fantastic Negrito – he’s dancing to the beat of his own drum, and it’s hard not to want to join him” – Classic Rock

“…there may be no-one earth who can deliver a line like “I get knocked down / But I keep on fighting” with the sincerity and wisdom of experience as Xavier Amin Dphrepaulezz. ‘Please Don’t Be Dead’ is a monument to resilience built on the ashes of missed opportunities and fear.” – Afropunk

"When you've been a small-time drug hustler, experienced a brush with death, a false start as a major label artist, and life as a busker, you're well-positioned to sing the blues - as Fantastic Negrito does on his incendiary, consciousness-raising new album, Please Don't Be Dead."
Entertainment Weekly

"Over a series of heaving, stomping riffs, it's a cranked-up, slow-grinding attack on addiction and consumerism with a chant-along chorus: "Let's break out these chains/Let's burn it down."
New York Times

"…fills the middle ground between modern protest music for the political rally and sweaty, sexed-up baby-making music for the bedroom."
– Rolling Stone