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Following the previous singles ‘HIGHER’, ‘ROBOT’ and ‘GHOST’, of which Billboard said “It’s an anthem with big, banging drums and booming vocals… just quality tuneage and production”, ‘BEING’ is an addictive blend of crystalline vocals and pulsating synths over a driving beat, with seamless production weaving between spacey lows and almost-disco highs.

‘TOMORROW’ moves away from the upbeat towards the more touching, with a slow and uplifting melody complimenting stream-of-consciousness vocals, before breaking into a beautifully infectious chorus.

Exploring ideas of unity and the duality of human nature, HUMAN forgoes the egocentric ideology of an individual-based unit, and instead embraces the idea of a collective consciousness. According to Daniel, “HUMAN is not a person or band, it’s a collective: it is me and whoever is involved, including you”.