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The video follows frontwoman Jessica Kenny’s preparations for flying to Jupiter, involving crafting a spaceship out of cardboard and advertising the trip on the streets of New York. It references the mysterious Toynbee Tiles, which promote the idea of creating a human colony on Jupiter and physically resurrecting the dead, creating a man-made heaven inspired by Arnold Toynbee’s Experiences and Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. 

Jessica explains,“Street art, graffiti, manifesto? The Toynbee Tiles have been popping up on the busy streets of New York & New Jersey for nearly 30 years. When interpreted literally, these mysterious linoleum murals compel us to travel the heavens in search of mankind’s greatest aspiration, Immortality! With a song title like ‘I Want It’ we wanted the video to tackle the vast topic of human desire. Our conclusion? Everyone wants more time, and through the careful research of Arnold J. Toynbee, in collaboration with modern sciences, we can finally span the void of space and reach resurrection on Jupiter! We’ll be taking reservations for future flights after our maiden voyage. Join us”.

A succulent slice of lo-fi indie-punk topped with a heavy dose of rock attitude and sweet pop sass, ‘I Want It’ follows the release of the band’s thrashy debut single, ‘Heaven’.

Breaking out of the suburbs of New Jersey, these DIY upstarts - consisting of Jessica Kenny (vocals), Jon Paul (bass / vocals), Mike Montalbano (drums / vocals) and Michael Baron (guitar / vocals) - deliver an exciting and fresh approach to the New York post punk / pop scene. Still under a year since inception, the band have already had early label interest but their cool, free-spirited nature sees them liking to do things their own way, from self-made videos to scouting studios for recording time.

They are also creating a buzz on the NYC live scene following shows at iconic venues including the Mercury Lounge, Meatlocker and BoonTunes. The band will be heading over to the UK this spring for a number of shows, which will be announced soon.

“New York has a legacy of producing some of the world’s best punk bands. The Nectars take inspiration from their New York City forebears, while injecting a heavy dose of lavish pop sheen, resulting in a sound which falls somewhere between peak 90s No Doubt and Riot! - era Paramore.”

Team Rock

“This New Jersey four-piece ooze energy and excitement, while sassy front woman Jessica Kenny evokes the spirit of ‘Don’t Speak’ era Gwen Stefani on hiatus with The Strokes. 2018 has just started with a bang.

Right Chord Music

“The band’s debut single is a brash and devilish track that crawls under your skin. In a world of oversaturation, it takes a lot for anyone to leave an impression. The Nectars have managed to do so with just one song.” Substream Magazine US