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Jelly Crystal

Jelly Crystal announces debut album ‘Freak Show’

Marking the announcement the Gothenburg native has released his brand new single ‘Never Met a Cloud That I Didn’t Like’, which features Off The Meds frontman Kamohelo.

‘Never Met a Cloud That I Didn’t Like’ is a transfixing blend of African percussion, psychedelic guitars and synths along with suave vocals and shimmering harmonies set against a mesmerising funky bassline.

Inspired by Tony Allen, Jelly Crystal wanted to do something swingy, centred around a repetitive riff; the song feels like a fever dream evoking distant memories of dance floor madness. If there were a soundtrack for the comedown on your walk home from The Hacienda, Jelly Crystal’s latest cut would be the ideal candidate. It is a tribute to a friendship that never seems to grow old or fade, about a strong bond between two individuals.

Regarding the single Jelly Crystal says, “How many times have you looked up at a cloud and got tired of it? The song is about people in your life that you can’t get enough of, despite the ups and the downs, you hold on tight to them. Kamo is that person to me, so it felt natural that he should join!”

‘Never Met a Cloud That I Didn’t Like’ follows the release of lead single ‘I Don’t Like Dancing’ earlier this year. The track was met with great support from the likes of DIY Magazine, HERO Magazine, Marvin and many more.

‘I Don’t Like Dancing’ is an upbeat jaunt through the intoxicating glam-pop of Jelly Crystal. Riding on funky piano keys and bass, calling to mind the likes of Alfie Templeman, it’s matched with a suave late 70s air of Thin White Duke Bowie influences while his wide ranging vocals call to mind the likes of Father John Misty and Jake Shears in equal measure.

Freak Show is an astounding debut album drawing inspiration from the timeless influential sounds of the 60s and 70s, such as the effortlessly smooth soul opener ‘Someone’s Dog’, yet is also injected with bold, experimental moments only 2021 could produce.

‘Sweet Lime’ is a curious post-punk, psych and world music concoction, while Jelly Crystal also enlists some of Sweden’s most exciting new music talents to guest on the record, including lo-fi indie pop singer Esther on the swooning title track, while Stella Explorer duets with Jelly Crystal on the grand ‘Bloody Mary’ which closes the album to the effect of attending a prom night on acid.

Continuing about the album Jelly Crystal says, “This album has been with me for a long time, not that the songs have taken long to write, but they’re built on collected fragments from my life. It wasn’t planned but in the end the songs inspired each other in a way. It’s a slow and tedious record, it might sound boring but it’s just like me - slow and tedious!”

Jelly Crystal is the moniker of the Stockholm-based artist Filip Johnson. As Jelly Crystal he is the left-field glam rock street entertainer on the Sunset Strip, singing his heart out for nickels and dimes. It’s the music of the worn-out organ grinder on Yellow Brick Road and a wide-eyed kid in Wonderland. Innocence and decadence are never far from each other in his dazzling presence and Freak Show is the introductory tale in his extraordinary character’s odyssey.

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