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The genre-crossing, fearlessly bold sonic craftsman pulls from myriad influences to bring his musical vision to life: “I always say I have voices in my head where I collect sound,” says Just Loud while talking about the recording sessions.

“Sometimes I’d feel Bowie, sometimes I’d feel Gnarls Barkley — I was using sound and music, not just one particular artist,” adds producer Dave “Sluggo” Katz (Katy Perry, All Time Low).

Just Loud’s debut single ‘Electrified’ is out now through Eleven Seven Label Group’s Five Seven imprint. Regarding his decision to sign the artist Eleven Seven Label Group CEO Allen Kovac says, “When something is so impactful that it cuts through the clutter it elevates everyone’s standards and that’s what we aim to do with Just Loud.”

The video, directed by Max Hliva (Childish Gambino and Rae Sremmurd) showcases the effervescent, neon dreamstate induced by the song. WATCH IT HERE

Throughout ‘Electrified’ Just Loud ruminates on the parties of days past over a tart synth line so infectious that it will lodge itself in your head for days. Underneath the swaying framework and ebullient vocals—reminiscent of electro-rocking contemporaries like Passion Pit and Foster the People —lies some serious truths about growing up and personal maturation.

Figuring out who you are is an essential facet of life on Earth, and through his music Just Loud makes such discoveries in real time—expressing himself, his pain and glories, through his strikingly impactful art. “I’m saying all the things I wish I could have said years ago,” he explains. “Imagine a loner not having a voice, and all of the sudden they just feel like talking.” 

Electrified’ is the opening salvo of such a conversation—and it’ll leave you wanting to hear what he has to say next, too.

“Just Loud is unique, interesting, and something completely brand new”

Melvin O'Doom, KISS FM

“I got shivers the first time I heard Just Loud”

Laura Whitmore, MTV