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Opening to a swaggering bassline, soulful backing vocals create a foreboding atmosphere before Just Loud’s crystalline falsetto introduces the fragile sentiment of the track. Building through swirling guitars and swelling production, the chorus is a huge outburst of passionate, anthemic emotional catharsis.

‘Blue On Blue’ follows the release of the funk infused ‘Diamonds and Dope Boys’, and ‘Soul Train’, which featured an appearance from Blondie’s Debbie Harry last year. His debut single, ‘Electrified’, has garnered over four million streams and hit the top 25 at Alternative Radio in the US.

Last year also saw the release of Just Loud’s debut EP Episode 1, which featured ‘Electrified’ alongside emotional anthems ‘Angels and Demons’ and ‘Ghost’, the latter a powerful track that begs us to look at how humans deal with love and loneliness.

Born in Virginia, Just Loud’s adolescence largely revolved around his small country church. His rebellious and inquisitive nature, however, led him to be cast away from the church at 15 – leading him to pursue music. With an impressive range and sense of introspection, Just Loud is making personal discoveries in real time — expressing himself, finding his voice, sharing his pain and glories — through his compelling and impactful art.