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Kate Havnevik

Kate Havnevik celebrates freedom with 'Taking Flight' video

Norwegian experimental artist, composer, producer and musician Kate Havnevik has released a brand new video for her latest single ‘Taking Flight’, taken from her forthcoming album out this autumn.

Taking Flight’ is a majestic emotive pop track and an ode to escapism. The song has been created with Kate’s long term producing partner Guy Sigsworth (Björk, Madonna, Alanis Morisette) and features stunning virginals keys, a commanding 80s drum beat and Kate’s transfixing vocals which exude optimism in this powerful anthem.

Touching on the often overwhelming pressure of modern society and the yearning for inner calm within freedom, the accompanying music video highlights the uplifting themes of liberation and discovery that are woven into the lyrics, following three tethered souls as they transition from distance and isolation into unity and connection.

Regarding the video Kate says, "The video is bursting with youth and the longing to be free. Their bodies have no limits and their emotions are all magnified like they are at this age. It’s beautiful, intense and mysterious. Teenagers hanging out together just wanting to be… Breathe, love and exist."

Speaking on the creative vision for the visual, director Gotti Sigurdarson added, “When I first heard the song, I couldn’t get the image of an 80’s teenage movie out of my head. The first thing I put down on paper was “imagine Molly Ringwald’s whole film career in the 80’s, distilled into a stylish and expressive three-minute dance performance.” I didn’t want to recreate the 80’s, but I wanted the feeling of the typical 80’s teen flick, with angst, excitement and heartbreaks.”

‘Taking Flight’ is the latest song to be taken from the forthcoming album and follows the singles ‘Into Dark’ and ‘Starlight Fires’. The songs prove the captivating diversity of the forthcoming record. While ‘Into Dark’ is a forceful and charged electronic offering, ‘Starlight Fires’ is a delicate wistful track of pondering musings on self-reflection.

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