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Kate Havnevik

Kate Havnevik releases 'Dream Her To Life' video

Kate Havnevik has released a beautiful video for her new single ‘Dream Her To Life’, the latest song to be taken from her forthcoming album Lightship out on January 21st via Continentica Records.

Directed by Gotti Sigurdarson, the video captures an ethereal weightless dance featuring Kate. The juxtaposing colours of the gorgeous outfits against the sheer black and white backgrounds further highlight the song’s mystery.

‘Dream Her To Life’ is a curious and playful track featuring Kate’s stunning vocals, wide-ranging harmonies, handclaps, and pizzicato cello played on keys, which together produce a dreamy feel-good glacial anthem full of optimism.

The song is taken from the forthcoming album Lightship. It is the fourth album from the Norwegian experimental artist, composer, producer and musician and has been created collaboratively with her long-term producing partner Guy Sigsworth (Björk, Madonna, Alanis Morisette).

Regarding ‘Dream Her To Life’ Guy says, “There’s a story by Borges called ‘The Circular Ruins. It’s about a sorcerer who, through intense, focussed meditation, manages to create a companion - a son - by literally dreaming him into life. In the process the sorcerer discovers that he, too, has been dreamt into life by someone else.

“We were riffing on that theme, mixing it up with ideas of the land reviving in spring, after winter hibernation. It sounds super preposterous, I know. But the music has this unique Arcadian feel, as if it’s coming from a magical forest. It just wouldn’t let us write lyrics about going clubbing on a Saturday night, even if we’d wanted to.”

The forthcoming album Lightship is a stunning aural artwork of immense expansive sounds, full of rare instrumentation and glorious songwriting, which delivers Kate Havnevik’s most progressive and beautiful record to date. It has been named after London’s most unique floating recording studio on the River Thames, Lightship 95, where the pair recorded the album.

Lightship includes previously released singles such as the majestic ‘Taking Flight’, which was created with the baroque instrument virginals, while the pulsating electronic pop track ‘Into Dark’ has been produced with a ring modulator and FM synth. The wistful ‘Starlight Fires’ features the celesta and creates a fairytale atmosphere with a celebrative beat.

Accomplished cellist Ian Burdge (Max Richter, Nitin Sawhney) also performs on the record. He features on the stunning orchestral opener ‘Come Back’, as well as the darkly sinister, yet ultimately serene song ‘Alta’. The latter plays as if to soundtrack a Nordic Noir crime drama and features lush strings alongside a siren serenade from Kate, where her voice muses with beautiful tones yet no lyrics.

Talvin Singh OBE (Björk, Madonna, Massive Attack) also features on the record and provides his unique blend of electronic tabla playing to the widescreen ambient escape to paradise ‘Zamami’, inspired by a remote island in the Okinawa region of Japan.

Lightship is a wide-reaching record, which reflects artists free from restraints, revelling in escapism and finding comfort in change. It is a voyage into uncharted territories, where bountiful treasures are there to be found.


  1. Come Back
  2. Dream Her To Life
  3. Into Dark
  4. Space Ark
  5. Taking Flight
  6. Camp High Hunt Low
  7. Belong
  8. Alta
  9. Zamami ft. Talvin Singh
  10. Starlight Fires
Screen Shot 2021 11 08 at 15 31 43