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Kate Havnevik

Kate Havnevik releases majestic new single ‘Taking Flight’

Norwegian experimental artist, composer, producer and musician Kate Havnevik has released her brand new single ‘Taking Flight’, the latest song to be taken from her forthcoming album out this autumn.

‘Taking Flight’ is a majestic emotive pop track and an ode to escapism. The song has been created with Kate’s long term producing partner Guy Sigsworth (Björk, Madonna, Alanis Morisette) and features stunning virginals keys, a commanding 80s drum beat and Kate’s transfixing vocals which exude optimism in this powerful anthem.

Regarding the single Kate says, "I only realize now how many of the new songs on the album have an escapism theme to them. ‘Taking Flight’ expresses that feeling when everything becomes a bit too much, both your own and society’s expectations of what you should be, do, earn, post or look like. And you just want to be left alone in peace to breathe, exist and focus on the positives, feel good about ourselves, just the way we are right now with all our faults and imperfections.

“You just want to enjoy life a bit, with your loved ones. A longing for feeling free I guess, something we all can relate to now after enduring over a year of lockdown and restrictions we never had before. I think teenagers especially have felt so trapped, like they have been missing out on the freedom of being young. Hanging out with friends is so vital that age. Snapchat and Tik Tok just isn’t really the same…"

Continuing about the production Guy says, "As with other new tracks on the album, ‘Taking Flight’ has a feature instrument. When we first jammed, writing ‘Taking Flight’ I played some samples of the virginals. The virginals is a keyboard instrument of the harpsichord family. It was popular in Europe during the late Renaissance and early Baroque periods, but it plucks closer to the middle of the string. The sound is warmer, and a bit less tangy-bright. Kate responded with a really soaring vocal melody and we were off!"

‘Taking Flight’ is the latest song to be taken from the forthcoming album and follows the singles ‘Into Dark’ and ‘Starlight Fires’. The songs prove the captivating diversity of the forthcoming record. While ‘Into Dark’ is a forceful and charged electronic offering, ‘Starlight Fires’ is a delicate wistful track of pondering musings on self-reflection.

Kate havnevik pr photo 2 taking flight large