Closer’ is the perfect summer sing-along, drawing upon blues and gospel influences alongside a keen ear for a huge pop melody, and showcases Kelvin’s soulful vocals and impressive songwriting skills. 

After picking up the guitar five years ago and teaching himself to play by watching BB King videos on YouTube, this hugely talented 20-year-old singer-songwriter fell in love with the simplicity of being able to connect with someone through melody and emotion.

Having posted his track ‘Call You Home’ on YouTube last year it found its way on to Reddit, and was subsequently discovered by researchers on Good Morning America. This huge exposure meant the track was viewed over one million times in the space of 24 hours and gained him a substantial fan base around the world.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:antgiannaccini:Google Drive:Kelvin Jones:Kelvin Photos:pr.jpgOffers from labels and publishers soon followed, with Epic & Four Music winning the race to this rising star’s signature in a joint venture with Sony Music. Expect an exceptional debut album coming soon.