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Regarding the new video Lissie says, “It’s always really special to get to work with Ben Chappell who directed the Wrecking Ball video! We actually went to high school together and reconnected as adults, through a dear mutual friend. I’m continuously impressed by Ben’s style and artistry!

“We wanted to keep it simple. Ben has a lot of amazing gear and old cameras. I was visiting Nashville last month, so I stopped by his home and threw on his wife Jordan’s Stetson! As we started to mess around with the lenses and lights, I liked the suggestion of the extremes, the black and white, the duality, the light and dark. I wanted the performance to feel raw, intimate and casual. I hope you’re finding some beauty and comfort in my collection of covers, ‘Thank You To The Flowers’ and thank you to all of you for listening and watching!”

Thank You To The Flowers is a collection of stunning covers of songs by female artists Lissie admires. Each song has been recorded as a form of therapy, using her powerful voice to infuse each track with her own emotions to simultaneously lift her spirit and celebrate the women that inspired her to do so.

Lissie will be performing tracks from the new EP live at the Parkway Theater in Minneapolis on December 19th. As well as celebrating the new EP, Lissie will be revelling in the Christmas spirit and playing some of her favourite festive songs alongside her biggest hits and many more surprises to boot. Fans will be able to join Lissie via live stream with tickets available now via StubHub.