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Effortlessly blending her glamorous Hollywood noir style with indulgent cinematic visuals, Lux opens the door, inviting you deeper into her decadent world. The elegant and alluring track sees her flaunt her rebellious side and is addressed to men whose girlfriends are too good for them.

“’Baby Is a Vamp’ came from a combination of my own reflections on past relationships and hearing my friends talk about theirs. It’s ultimately a reality check to all those guys who are losers punching above their weight”, Lux explains.

“With the video we wanted to do something that didn’t take itself too seriously and use the image of the traditional vampire in our own whimsical way. The director wanted the leading vampire and I to portray a deranged Peter & Wendy with some murderous lost children to assist us.”

Produced by Drew Richards, VAMP boasts an evocative style that is sweet yet menacing. The 11 tracks navigate you through tales of fierce femmes, fantasies and self-reflection, to her own life experiences of love, heart-break and bi-polar disorder.

It features the stunning debut single ‘Teeth’, which draws on personal and emotional survival linked with mental health, as well as the addictive ‘Switchblade Baby’, ‘Gun Metal Horses’ and the powerful ‘Mad With The Moon’.

Armed with a collection of theatrical songs steeped in sumptuous strings with roots in Camden’s gritty rock haunts, Lux Lyall is set to have an incredible year. With more music, striking visuals and live shows to come, this is just the beginning.

1. Mad With The Moon
2. Switchblade Baby
3. Teeth
4. Gun Metal Horses
5. Baby Is A Vamp
6. Here’s to You
7. Kitty Collins
8. Ritual
9. Wayward Girls And Wicked Women
10. Hotel Bar
11. Waiting Room

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