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The track evolved from a heartbreak ballad to a fiery power anthem and the accompanying video shows her exorcising her demons and letting go of ghosts as she waltzes through the rich and expansive tones, reflecting on heartache, acceptance the importance of self-love. 

‘Mad With The Moon’ is the fourth instalment from the up and coming starlet, revealing more of the allure and elegance contained within her debut record VAMP. Produced by Drew Richards, VAMP boasts an evocative style that is sweet with a hint of menace, drawing elements of old Hollywood noir charm and alt-pop laced with emotion and a hint of.

VAMP navigates you through tales of fierce femmes and fantasies, to her own life experiences of love, heart-break, mental health and bi-polar disorder, which she delivers in a delicate, dream-like tone, slowly revealing secrets of her decadent world. 

Her stunning debut ‘Teeth’ draws on personal and emotional survival linked with mental health, while the follow-up, ‘Switchblade Baby’ is an ode to the supportive female friends in Lux’s life.

The previously shared ‘Gun Metal Horses’, is a song about longing for the past whilst fearing for the future, while elsewhere Lux shows her fierce side with the hypnotic ‘Baby Is A Vamp’ addressed to men whose girlfriends are too good for them and the the slinky murder fantasy ‘Kitty Collins’ inspired by Ava Gardener’s character in The Killers.

Armed with a collection of theatrical songs steeped in sumptuous strings with roots in Camden’s gritty rock haunts, Lux Lyall is set to have an incredible year. With more music, striking visuals and live shows to come, this is just the beginning.

1. Mad With The Moon
2. Switchblade Baby
3. Teeth
4. Gun Metal Horses
5. Baby Is A Vamp
6. Here’s to You
7. Kitty Collins
8. Ritual
9. Wayward Girls And Wicked Women
10. Hotel Bar
11. Waiting Room