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MALIA releases stunning 'Only One' video

MALIA has released a stunning video for her new single ‘Only One’, taken from her forthcoming EP What's After 'I Love You?’ out March 4th via Black Sea Music.

The video premiered with Clash who featured the song as their Track Of The Day and said, “MALIA had her heart broken - but what came later was more important. The alt-R&B artist saw a relationship disintegrate before her eyes, turning to music in order to channel her feelings. New EP 'What's After 'I Love You'?' brings these emotions into one place, a cathartic return that turns heartbreak into triumph… New song 'Only One' is a gorgeous offering, with MALIA pouring her heart into each and every single note. The vivid vocal is augmented by a wonderful arrangement, so packed with feeling, one that pushes her to the next level.”

The enchanting alt-R&B track finds MALIA grappling with the aftermath of unrequited love. The video captures heartbreak, but also reflects the beauty of the time spent together. It finds MALIA dressed in an exquisite black dress in a grand LA mansion, with decadent furnishings of a magnificent harp, glistening chandeliers, and an almost infinite swirling staircase.

‘Only One’ forms part of the conceptual work surrounding heartbreak which is the What’s After ‘I Love You?’ EP. The record chronicles the life-shattering stages after a breakup. Within it, MALIA navigates realising a love is lost, questions all she once knew to be true, and finds healing in channelling her experiences into creativity. MALIA embraces vulnerability on the record, invites us to open ourselves up to love, and shows us that beauty can come from pain.

A note on the EP from MALIA reads:

Heartbreak is one of those life situations that can trigger you to call into question everything about yourself, who you are, how you show up in this world? You begin to examine each dark corner that may have been swept over in the past, all the way to the root of the limiting beliefs that may have been planted decades ago or more. For me, this pain was unlike anything I’ve ever felt and I found myself at rock bottom. My first reaction was to clamour to get the feelings back that I was clinging so hard to out of fear, but sitting with that pain instead of pushing it away or attempting to change the situation was the best thing I could have done

Once I was able to regain some sense of composure, making music was my only outlet. My heart, mind, body and spirit were calling out for me to create, perhaps as a sense of closure I felt I was lacking. This is the most vulnerable I’ve ever been in my writing. It makes me feel so exposed to share, but also empowered because of the growth I experienced through this intense pain created the best version of me yet. Sharing these songs with the world forces me to continue to remain open and live from a place of love over fear. I hope my story reminds people that moments of darkness however painful, actually hold our hand and help us elevate.

With love,


01. Falling Fast (interlude 1)
02. More Than Love
03. Currency
04. Drive Me To Think (interlude 2)
05. Hung Up
06. Only One
07. Everything And Nothing (interlude 3)
08. Undone

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