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Trevis explains, “‘Way You Do It’ is a feel-good summer record about a girl I’m falling for. It was produced, written and recorded in the South of Spain, at around 4 am after a night out. We loved the music people were dancing to, especially this one girl, and it inspired me to do a song like this.

Trevis worked on the track with Harmony 'H-Money' Samuels and Edgar 'JV The Producer' Etienne, who has made music for the likes of Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, Fifth Harmony and Ne-Yo.

Born in Olso, Trevis’ journey started at a very young age. Part of a well-travelled family he was exposed to the music and cultures of well over 100 countries, which account for his diverse musical style and leanings. Not hailing from one place, Trevis has been inspired by many genres including pop, rock, blues, R&B and Rap.

From the age of eleven, he became involved in everything to do with music, from producing and writing songs to playing instruments, singing, rapping and dancing. He went on to spend three years as an exchange student in Los Angeles and was swallowed up by music and dance in the pop culture's capital and has since been working with producers, songwriters and choreographers.

Before Christmas, Trevis debuted his first wave of music and is now branching out into the UK market with ‘Way You Do It’, with a plethora of new music to come throughout 2018.