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The track was written during her visit back to Cyprus where she grew up and the video’s dreamy and divinely dark essence details the song’s mood of “longing for the past, fearing for the future and reflecting on the present”,picturing feelings of loss and nostalgia while dreaming of precious and carefree childhood memories.

It's the third instalment from the up and coming starlet, revealing to the listener more of her glamorous character and elegant mystique. With an evocative style that is sweet with a hint of menace, Lux draws elements of old Hollywood noir charm and alt-pop that is driven by life’s experiences, fierce femmes and her mind’s fantasies.

She emerged earlier this year with the stunning debut ‘Teeth’, which is about personal and emotional survival linked to mental health issues and was followed by the second single ‘Switchblade Baby’, which was born from the idea of a“patron saint of broken women”.

With each release, Lux has also shared the poems‘Among the Water, Among the Weeds’,‘Milk Thistles’ and the latest ‘A Stitch’, which are taken from her self-published works ‘St Valentine’.

Each word is delicately delivered, drawing on the emotion and fragile spirit that echoes through her songwriting, allowing each lyrical and musical detail the space and moment it deserves.

This is the first glimpse of what Lux Lyall has to offer, with more music, striking visuals and live shows to come for 2020. Keep up to date with Lux on Instagram and Facebook or visit