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rosi release debut single 'White Light'

Alternative electronic duo rosi have released their debut single ‘White Light’. The track provides a trance-inducing chaos that reflects an anxious world today.

Playing as a comfort and warning for our future, the track features haunting hushed vocals, dreamy synths and a subtle house shuffle with breakbeats.

rosi is the project of producer and multi-instrumentalist Chris Petrosino and singer/songwriter Joni Mathews. Collaborating with Sam Petts-Davies (Frank Ocean, Thom Yorke) and Mandy Parnell (Bjork, Aphex Twin) for mixing and mastering, the pair’s debut evokes feelings of Portishead, Burial and The xx.

Regarding the song Joni says, “When you go through something traumatic, your life kind of splits into two timelines, a pre and a post. I guess we were exploring that idea, or wondering if a person can ever really get back to a pure state of being after everything unravels. ‘White Light’ is yearning for a past life / past version of yourself. Chris started playing the blooming synth really late one night – it sounded like it was unfurling in a really intense way. The song, and project itself, was born from that single sound.

Originally from New York, the pair are multi-platinum and award-winning musicians behind huge global hits. However 2021 saw the pair relocate to London and embed themselves in the UK, a country that has birthed the sounds pivotal in their musical influences which are the beating heart of their new project rosi.

‘White Light’ is the first taste of a wider body of work from rosi, a dreamy heady record that draws influence from historic underground UK dance culture and the alt indie scene in equal measure. Half dystopian-anxiety and half introspective-alternative electronic, rosi reflects the strange future we walk in.

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