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Featuring candid footage of MAYKA shot with an atmospheric retro aesthetic, the video is a collage of light-hearted and surreal imagery, from relaxing in shopping trolleys to mysterious shots of smoking flowers.

Regarding the video MAYKA says, "I wanted to create something rough and decadent in contrast to the cheerful, summery vibes of the song. The video captures restlessness, destructivity and all the dark stuff that comes with temptation and wanting someone. Everything has a shadow side and that's something I'm obsessed with exploring. Overall the video is very DIY, it was filmed on a night out in Stockholm and I felt like I was 14 years old all over again.”

‘Watching You’ features minimalist production heavy with trap-influenced future bass and beats alongside MAYKA’s irresistible vocal hooks and a funky pop chorus.

Regarding the new single MAYKA says, "I´m really excited to share this song. ‘Watching You’ is a bittersweet pop song about temptation, always seeking what's no good for you and pushing boundaries just to get a rush. The sound is playful but at the same time it’s got some neat UK-bass elements, which I love. A perfect mix of dance and pop!”

‘Watching You’ follows the release of MAYKA’s debut single ‘Rich’ earlier this year, which shot its way into Spotify Viral Charts around the world and was a hit at Swedish radio.