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The Becky and the Birds EP features the highly acclaimed debut single ‘Holding On’, which was released earlier this year to an avalanche of praise for its eclectic alt-pop and trip-hop influences. It also features the latest single ‘Concept Store’, which incorporates jazzy pianos and bass among classic hip hop beats.

The EP opens with the lush ‘Becky’ intro before breaking into ‘Malaysia’, where Becky and the Birds' rich, flighty vocals soar among delicate orchestrated samples. The following ‘Die While You Love Me’ is a tantalising pop song with a magnificent sky-high chorus, while the EP closes with intoxicating vocal samples in ‘My Man’.

When listening to music Becky and the Birds experiences synaesthesia, visualising colours and patterns. Regarding how this reflects the EP Becky and the Birds says, “I want people to feel it… I want it to be about the art, and to build a whole world around it, with visuals - art using all of the senses. I don't want it to be so much about me, or what I look like.”

The Becky and the Birds EP features a genre-spanning blend of lush electronics, with nods to trip-hop and ‘90s R&B and the result is reminiscent of SZA, Solange and Erykah Badu. It finds Becky and the Birds taking ownership of her work while rejecting the pop-saturated sound of her native Sweden, resulting in a true-to-self, multifaceted project.


“This TUNE is giving me serious goosebumps”
Tove Lo

“Becky and the Birds, delivers a stunning and eclectic alt-pop single filled with powerful production and soulful vocals of epic proportion”

“‘Holding On’ ranks as one of the best debut singles of the year, but the Swedish singer’s latest is even better.”

“‘Holding On’ is one of the most exciting first releases for a long time… She’s cracked the code for the perfect first song”
The Line Of Best Fit

“Lush, down tempo pop with plenty of soul… Imaginative, eclectic alt-pop, her mosaic of colours has a lush quality, fusing dank, trip-hop styled percussive snaps to soulful vocals”

“Soulful vocals with a mellow electronic composition that is quick to launch itself into the atmosphere”
The Guard

“Becky and the Birds is sharply reminiscent of mid-’00s ambient pop. The young up-and-comer is swooning from low hums to rising tones and a haunting disposition”
All Things Go Music