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“’Sorry’ peers at the quiet terror of 1950s suburban perfectionism, following a man whose house is full of life-sized dolls. The dolls – not alive, but not quite inanimate either – act as companions and perhaps judgmental observers as Mr Sweater-Vest becomes increasingly unhinged. Meanwhile the band performs the atmospheric track in the desert, a site that becomes ground zero for another bit of ‘50s history; nuclear testing.”

‘Sorry’ itself is an intense, cathartic track, its chopping guitars, atmospheric edges, dream-bound vocals and radio-friendly hooks disarming the listener to the sorrow at its heart, drawing comparisons to Flaming Lips, Interpol, Radiohead and Sigur Ros.

It is taken from the three-piece band’s six-track debut UK EP, ‘&’, which has just been released has just been released on Hidden Records, distributed through RED/Sony, and was produced by Joey Waronker (Beck, Atoms For Peace) whose unorthodox methods helped the band create these visceral, tempestuous songs.

The EP continues with ‘Winsome’, a percussive-heavy, dance-inflected track which conjures up the somnambulant atmospheres of John Grant sprinkled with the occasional flourish of ‘Tin Drum’-era Japan. ‘Silver Tongue’ woozily disorientates while ‘Monster’ showcases a musical blend of frenzy & beauty, which builds to a wild sounding jumble, yet never quite blossoms to resolution.

‘Holy War’ is a sparse, two minute hymnal, which seeps deep inside you, speaking of unnamed battles of the heart and mind while final track ‘How We Woke Up’ enters on a grinding riff that then melts into something altogether more unexpected, dramatic and yearning.

The Moth & The Flame are currently on a 12-country tour around Europe with Imagine Dragons. The band performed with them at Brixton Academy last week and also played London shows at Hoxton Bar & Grill, as part of the regular Gold Dust night, and a headline show at The Sebright Arms. They return to the UK with Imagine Dragons to play Portsmouth on Dec 13th.

The EP, ‘&’, is available now on iTunes from Hidden Records via Sony/RED

For further information, or copies of ‘&’, please contact:
William Luff at Wilful Publicity – / 020 7453 1525
Steve Guest at Guesty PR – / 020 7453 1524