Freak street still best 1

Good Luck, Seeker demonstrates Mike Scott's unstoppable creative energy which has also seen him produce a string of striking, psychedelic videos to accompany the album.

After the rock'n'roll symbolism of 'Dennis Hopper', which came out on 21st August, two further videos have now been released. 'Freak Street' is a high-speed explosion of colour and attitude, while the Japanese travelogue car-drive shot by Scott for 'The Golden Work' is an abstract trip, beautifully mashed and edited by Anana Kaye of Duende Visions.

These join the previous videos for 'The Soul Singer', 'Low Down In The Broom' and 'Postcard From The Celtic Dreamtime'. Two more videos for tracks from the album will be released over the coming weeks, providing a visual companion piece to what is one of the most essential albums of The Waterboys' remarkable career.

"Glorious" Sunday Times Culture, Record of the Week

"Good Luck, Seeker is as sure-handed and single-minded as any in Scott's magnificent career. From mind-expanding intrigues and fervent broadsides to a glorious fearlessness for traversing music, poetry, hip slang and spoken word recital... Exceptional" Daily Mirror 5/5

"Gathering together the strands that have occupied him throughout his career, [Scott's] forged an album of passion, wit and spirituality that, like its title, invites us not only to evolve but to revel in our evolution". Uncut – 8/10

"'The Big Music' could well have reached its zenith: expansive, driven rock that's also mystical and prosaic.." Mojo – 4/5

"When Scott's in the zone, he's a force of nature" Prog

All videos were shot and directed by Scott with editing by Duende Visions of Nashville, except 'Postcard From The Celtic Dreamtime', filmed by Steve Wickham and edited by Steve and Tom Wickham.