Soul singer still

‘The Soul Singer’ comes roaring out of the blocks with beefy horns and sassy vocals by frontman Mike Scott and acclaimed Dublin singer Jess Kav, providing a sharp yet affectionate portrait of a legendary frontman who has“Seen it all, made every move / Dude’s got next to nothing left to prove”. It’s an exuberant blast of uptempo pop’n’roll which opensGood Luck, Seeker– the remarkable 14thstudio album from The Waterboys, one of the most creative, loved and literate bands of the last four decades.

Good Luck, Seekerdraws together many glistening strands of The Waterboys’ weird, wondrous journey. Its 14 songs are populated by unrepentant freaks, soul legends, outlaw film stars and 20thCentury mystics, drawing inspiration from The Stones, Kate Bush, Sly and Kendrick as well as Mike Scott’s very own musical past.

Waterboys fans will delight in unravelling threads from the big music ofA Pagan Place, the raggle taggle thrum ofFisherman’s Blues, the epic visions ofDream Harderand dark dramas ofA Rock In A Weary Land, while new listeners will discover a magical world of joy and wonder from a musical wizard that is without doubt a very fine addition to one of the great canons of contemporary British music

Part song diary, part epic spoken word adventure,Good Luck, Seekeris both the final record in a recent triptych of albums and a new departure for the restless sonic magician and his merry band of fellow travellers. It’s an album that is here to lift our spirits, rock our worlds, and perhaps offer listeners some spiritual succour on their own wanderings through the weary land.