The piece is directed by CHILD. and features Barker and WILLOW at a punk club on a night full of strange encounters. “I’m so happy that I got to bring these two parts of myself together, this spiritual part of myself into this pop punk angsty world that I wanted to create for the video,” says WILLOW. “I'm so honored and excited for you guys to see it.” The single was the first taste of her forthcoming full-length album, out this summer and marked a major sonic evolution for WILLOW.Watch here

The track was originally unveiled via Beats1’s Zane Lowe as a New Music Daily and has since garnered both critical praise and commercial success. “Smith’s song doesn’t so much make the case for Black women in pop-punk as much as it serves as a reminder that we’ve always been here,” said Jezebel. “It’s a pop-punk banger for the ages.”WILLOW recently performed the single onThe Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. Watch here.

t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l feat. Travis Barker

Thank God for Willow, tracking her metamorphosis from precocious neo-soul explorer to out-and-out alt kid, Transparent Soul is bratty in the best way, pushing the genre towards more diverse expression.” –The Guardian

"Willow is back, and she’s stepping on necks on the way...Shredding on the guitar, she radiates power." -New York Magazine

"Willow Smith goes full pop-punk... the song draws from the music of Paramore, Fall Out Boy, and Barker’s own band Blink-182, with hard-hitting percussion and pop-punk power chords on guitar.." -Rolling Stone

"Willow Smith is ready to rock your world...fully embraces the alt-rock and pop-punk sound. Complete with her own guitar playing and a head-banging chorus" -Harper’s Bazaar

“She is the moment...Over roiling guitars and Barker’s thunderous drums...belts in her best pop-punk voice about seeing right through the haters in her life. It’s super catchy. In its accompanying video, she channels the nostalgic fish-eye performance vids of pop-punk’s golden era with her own chic twists...No doubt the pop-punk heroes of her youth, Hayley Williams, Gerard Way, and Patrick Stump, would be proud." -NYLON

Always an exciting and ambitious artist, Willow's move into pop-punk may have been unexpected but it sounds entirely natural.” -DIY

"A guitar-heavy track that sees the rap star take a significant sonic shift and swap intricate lyrical flows for thrash-y pop-punk powerchords...Wielding an Ernie Ball Music Man St. Vincent signature, Smith serves up a series of sweet melodic slides and oversized open-string chordal hooks over a moody bass guitar line, all of which are driven along by Barker’s high-octane drum part." -Guitar World