Gaeya introduced ‘Contact’ last month, a track that offers a captivating blend of ambient soundscapes and evocative vocals. The song is a call for awakening and connection amid an increasingly disconnected world.

The video captures Gaeya in a gorgeous Scandinavian forest performing a beautiful ballet routine, reflecting the stunning yet fragile nature of both humans and the world and the relationships between them.

Regarding the single Gaeya says, “2020 was the year when the feeling of separation took physical form, but it was also the year humans realised they needed contact. It is a song about the importance and the gift that we humans have, to share with each other the physical and emotional touch that we need to survive.

“In these times of keeping distance, it’s more important than ever for people to feel belonging, feel seen and be touched. Remember that genuine eye contact and a smile can change someone's day. It is time for us to connect.”

With a sound reminiscent of early Björk, Gaeya’s music marries the sounds of the natural world with immersive sonic paintings; landscapes formed from analogue synths and deep-rooted Nordic frequencies which provide the backing for vocals that seek to inspire sustainability and focus for a better world.

Last month Gaeya also launched her new podcast tellUs, which focuses on sharing new ideas and solutions for the on-going issues mankind is facing from the results of long term misuse of the planet, its resources and its beings.

Gaeya has now released the second episode, which gives focus on biodiversity and the world’s forests. Joining Gaeya in conversation on the podcast is special guest Rebecka Le Moine, a biologist with a masters in ecology and nature conservation and member of Swedish Parliament since 2018.

With an unrelenting desire to affect change, underpinned by a profound respect for the planet and delivered through the medium of beautifully captivating music, Gaeya is a truly exciting artist with a uniquely profound message set to make a bold mark.