What we do

We create and deliver a compelling narrative for our artists, ensuring they stand out in a crowded media landscape and that their story is told in a relevant and accessible way.

National Publicity Campaigns

We work with artists, managers and labels on their single, album and EP releases, as well as their live tours, book releases, biopics and more to maximise coverage in print and online publications. We also work with specialist radio and TV outlets, podcasts and live-streaming platforms.

Unlike many music PR teams, we don’t have a one-size fits all approach. Each campaign is bespoke and tailored to the individual artist. We identify the relevant publications and using our extensive contact book and personal relationships with journalists we showcase what is unique and newsworthy about the artists we represent.

We aim to reach not only an artist’s current fanbase, but maximise their profile across a wider audience, expanding their following into new areas. To do this we pitch for reviews, track and video placements, premieres, interviews and features.

Whether negotiating a cover feature in a major national print publication for a globally established superstar or seeking the first piece of online editorial coverage in a tastemaker music blog, we work with passion, creativity and integrity.

Press Materials & Written Assets

With a strong focus on quality writing, and with years of journalistic experience to hand, we know how best to tell our clients’ stories and to catch the attention of the media.

We pride ourselves on creating dynamic and powerful press materials that have impact across all our editorial partners and targets. In addition to writing press releases we also work with many of the most established music journalists in the UK, delivering high quality biographies that give real insight into artists and their releases.

Strategic & Campaign Consultancy

With a wealth of experience across the music industry, we are well-placed to advise our clients on the roll-out of their campaigns. We work closely with record companies, label services teams and distributors and can suggest appropriate partners across the music industry to get your music out.

We offer professional guidance on timelines and asset roll-outs alongside suggestions for focus tracks and singles, communicating the needs of media for strong content and identifying the best-placed tracks to achieve results.

We provide constructive feedback to artists and clients on all aspects of their visual campaign. From publicity photos to videos and artwork, we can engage with trusted and creative professionals to deliver the assets that work best for media.

We also work closely with colleagues who specialise in radio & TV plugging, social media, regional publicity, marketing and the live industry and can assemble wider teams to deliver high profile campaigns.

Reputation Management

We know that the greatest asset for any artist is their reputation – fans buy into an artist’s image as well as their music, so creating and sustaining the right reputation is crucial for long-term career success. In the days of social media when artists can find themselves suddenly in the wrong kind of media glare, we offer guidance and advice on how best to deal with complicated situations.

We pride ourselves on having one of the best reputations in the music industry, and we like to help our artists maintain the same!

Get In Touch…

With the music industry facing both huge challenges and opportunities, Wilful Publicity are on hand to steer artists, managers and labels through all aspects of their publicity campaigns. Feel free to get in touch here!

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