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GUNNAR releases 'The Chase' video

Off the heels of an incredibly successful, sold-out arena tour with Maroon 5 across Europe and the UK, Southern California’s GUNNAR today shares the official video for his track ‘The Chase’, off his recently released and highly praised debut album Best Mistake.

An energetic mood fuelled by dizzying rhythms and dexterous guitar work ushers you into ‘The Chase’, a sublime pop-rock track that frames young love and its inevitable highs and lows. The video, directed by The Young Astronauts, follows GUNNAR on his own wild goose chase through the streets of LA. Watch the video HERE.

Regarding the video GUNNAR says, “I wanted to make a video that had a direct correlation to the title of the song, and we did exactly like that. We shot most of the video with a drone. The storyline follows me in a literal chase as I chase down a robber.”

The 21-year-old singer/songwriter was just a kid when he discovered his life’s purpose: delivering the kind of electrifying live show that leaves the audience enraptured. After getting his start playing guitar on a cherry-red Strat at the young age of seven. He began playing in a garage band and writing songs as a kid and years later set out on his first US tour, gaining a fast audience and the attention of pop mogul Scooter Braun who began managing him at age 16. But when Covid hit and touring ground to a halt, the LA-based musician found himself questioning his entire identity as an artist.

“I got thrown into the pop world as a kid, and none of the music I was making had my own vision in it,” says GUNNAR. “For a while I felt completely lost and disconnected from everything I’d done, to the point where I thought of quitting. But finally I realized I had to let go of the past and create a new future, and start making the music that I really love.”

Determined to unearth his true artistic voice, GUNNAR spent over a year collaborating with several of his friends from the LA music scene, eventually writing nearly 100 songs rooted in his explosive guitar work. When those demos caught the attention of Grammy Award-winning producer Brendan O’Brien (AC/DC, Pearl Jam, The Killers), GUNNAR headed into the studio to create his full-length debut, Best Mistake: an intimate yet wildly euphoric selection of songs, fully channelling the free-flowing energy and raw vitality of his live set for the first time ever.


“What impresses me most about Gunnar is his desire to get out and earn it on the road. The kid ain’t gonna stop until he makes it. His passion is real and his enthusiasm and talent is palpable.”
Adam Levine, Maroon 5

“The new king of rock and roll”
Daily Express

"The rebellious spirit is really the lifeblood of rock n’ roll music, always has been, and always will be. Young musician GUNNAR is carving out quite a path for himself, with his middle finger firmly pointed in the air "

“An album full of hits is rare, but GUNNAR has managed the practically impossible in creating an album that warrants the statement: it’s an album you can put on shuffle.”
The Luna Collective

GUNNAR's debut album 'Best Mistake' is a riot and we love it
Variance Magazine

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