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BRIDEAR release new album 'Aegis Of Athena'

Japanese metal band BRIDEAR release their brand-new album, Aegis Of Athena, today. To celebrate they have also unveiled the hugely entertaining, classic hard rock style video for album highlight ‘Determination’.

The track has the kind of twin guitar style drama and riffing that power-metal dreams are made of, alongside a sweetly addictive chorus, before crunching into dropped-tune punches, and then roaring back into its singalong vocals and glorious solos. All in all, it’s classic BRIDEAR!

Regarding the single singer KIMI says, “This song is an anthem and conveys so much power, strength, and of course determination. Just like our new album."

Continuing about the video guitarist AYUMI says, "This is the first video we have done for a song I wrote for the band. I'm really excited to see it come to life!"

The album Aegis of Athena is a blistering 11-track sonic assault perfectly blending traditional heavy metal, progressive arrangements, stunning technical prowess and addictive pop-rock hooks. Brimming with big riffs it features feature furious thrash passages, incredible lead lines and irresistible melodic sensibilities, showcasing J-metal like you’ve never heard it before.

Kimi describes the new album as “an ambitious balance of what inspires us – the new wave of British heavy metal and traditional hard rock bands with strong melodies,” while bassist Haru claims “The arrangements and songwriting are really powerful. It will be amazing to play these new songs live!”

Fans can order physical copies of Aegis Of Athena, including a special bundle with CD and t-shirt here:

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BRIDEAR 2022 Artist Pic for Euro